Friday, May 11, 2007

What I'm Loving Right Now

Alana posted a list of what gives her "Happy Feet". Here is a list of what I love:

  • sunny days
  • date night
  • watching my boys play and laugh together
  • a one-hour (or longer) massage
  • plain M&Ms
  • the ocean
  • my boys in their jammies after bath
  • watching my boys with their grandparents
  • travel
  • sushi
  • all of my boys (especially P) in baseball caps
  • a morning run
  • time spent with my brother and sister
  • chick flicks
  • a surprise full tank of gas
  • a French pedicure
  • the smell of fresh-cut grass in the summer
  • being with friends
  • Cold Stone creamery
  • my MP3
  • playdates that last all day
  • Pop Goes My Heart video from Music and Lyrics
  • sharing a secret with my 5 year- old
  • When my 3 year- old pulls me back at bedtime for another kiss good night

1 comment:

Alana said...

Oh my goodness...yes, yes, yes on the "Pop Goes My Heart" video. Definitely "happy feet' worthy!