Friday, October 5, 2007

So glad they love Bible class

While driving in the car:

C: Are there any bad guys here, Mommy?

Me: Well, there could be some people who are not good, but you don't need to be scared - you have lots of people to protect you.

C: Like who?

Me: Like, Daddy and me, police officers, our friends,

R: And God

Me: Yes, R!!! That's right! God will protect us!

C: And Jesus!

Me: Yes. Definately Jesus.

R: And Noah!

Me: Ummn. Possibly Noah.


When I think about significant milestones in my boys' lives, there are certain ages that stand out beside the obvious ones. 18 months - when my boys turned this age, I was able to breathe deeply and think I can do this!!! I gained more confidence, the boys had more independence. Gone were most of the sleepless nights, they could communicate their wants and needs. They were able to walk by themselves and understand instruction. That age was significant. (This is also the age C was when we conceived R, so I must have really felt confident!)

3 years. At this point, my boys were potty trained (for the most part). They seemed so much more independent and could do so much by themselves. Just becoming liberated from a diaper bag was huge. They started preschool and began socializing more.

Now, I am taking notice that 5 is a big year. C will be 6 in less than two months, but 5 is huge. He started kindergarten, which is such a big deal. I feel like he has matured tremendously since the start of school. He is gone five days a week, for the better part of the day, which makes my heart hurt! I still miss him so much! Like Shelley, I understand the urge to home school for a few years. He is responsible and is able to think things through and make decisions. He has a love for learning and a desire to be his personal best. I am so proud of him.

He lost his first tooth this week. On Wednesday night, after three or four days of wiggling, he let me pull it out and the tooth fairy came to visit him that night. Long after he went to bed, I was watching some show and the kids were graduating from high school and leaving their parents to go to college. One dad said 18 years went by pretty quickly, didn't it? Oh my goodness. I totally lost it. I finally get it. Now I know why it was so hard for my parents to leave me at college that August day some years ago. It's because our children grow up way too quickly! The preschool years are fleeting! Once they start school, I believe a piece of them is lost to us that grows larger every year. They start growing independently of us. I cried and cried for those poor parents whose children are leaving for college and the hole in their parents hearts they will leave as the parents try to figure out how to move forward. I cried knowing that P and I will be in those shoes in 14 years.

I am praying that I will be intentional and live in the moment, not worrying about tomorrow's soccer game, the fundraiser, the birthday party, but sit down and love my boys today.


Boxcar Derby

Today was the annual kindergarten boxcar derby. Since open house, we have been hearing about this event. This is a really big deal. The children and their parents are to make a race car out of a cardboard box. It must be at least six inches tall on each side. Those are the only requirements. We have been working on our car for over a week. It was so cool. It was painted blue with yellow "5"s on the side and C's name painted on the back. We had real lights in the front and reflectors on the back, real windows on the side and a windshield on the front. The race was scheduled for 9am this morning. The local newspaper was there, as well as the local radio station interviewing racers. One of the local banks set up a tent with donuts and coffee for the fans, which probably numbered in the hundreds. The entire school came out to cheer on the racers.

C had quite a cheering section. Besides me, P and R, Mammaw and Pappaw were there, our dear neighbors JuJu and HeyDad, Coach Brent and Miss Mary all came to root C on. The racetrack was the soccer field, set up for the runners to go twice around, with three pit stops. One to clean the windshield (wipe their faces), check their tires (check to make sure shoes are tied), and a water stop.

Each of the six kindergarten classes ran in 3 heats of five or six students. In C's first heat, he was neck and neck for first place. At the water stop, he drank all his water and kindly placed the cup back on the stand. The other kid threw his cup down. C caught up, but at the finish line, tied for second place. First and second place for each heat ran in the next heat to compete for classroom winner. C had the lead and won the race! He won for his whole class! Then, two minutes later it was time for the championship and he was just so tired. He did great, won a trophy and his picture will be in the paper!! We are so proud! He won for Mrs. W's class!

R was dying to get out there and run. It was killing him to just watch. I guess now we have game film for him to study over the next two years!