Sunday, August 26, 2007

We love Kindergarten

Well, the first week of kindergarten is behind us. And it was a huge success! C absolutely loves school. Let me break down our week for you.

The first day was quite emotional for me. We had everything laid out the night before. When I woke C up, I started tearing up just looking at him asleep in his bed, realizing that his whole world was about to change. At breakfast, I could not stop looking at and kissing on my big boy! He put his tennis shoes on (can you believe that for the first day, he was scheduled for P.E., so he had to wear tennis shoes!! A great first day outfit and he couldn't wear the cool flip flops), tied them up, took some pics and hopped in the car. We walked him in and he sat right down at his table and was ready to go. I had to keep going over to him and asking Do you remember where your snack is? I put your nap mat in your cubbie. Do you know how much I love you? He was excited and ready to get this school thing started, so I kissed him and walked out the door. P was a rock during all of this. Nostalgic, but holding strong. I seemed to hold it together pretty well until I went to a First Morning Coffee at church and our children's minister prayed for our kindergarteners. He asked that the Lord would walk with our children and keep them close to Him. That did me in. I just thought of our Almighty Lord holding my C in the palm of His hand, loving and protecting him on this first day of school and knowing that the all-powerful King of Kings loves my child like He does touched me to the core.

I picked C up, waiting in the school patiently for the bell to ring, and he had had a great day, although he looked so tired to me. What a long day. He had friends to eat lunch with and play with at recess. The rest of the week was great as well. He loves his teacher, loves his time on the computers, loves recess, library, music (shout out to Alana and Kindermusik), and art. Every day when I picked him up from school, he was happy and had stories to tell. R and I had a great week together, although he so missed his brother! When we picked him up from school, R would jump into a monologue describing everything we did that day. He was always excited to pick C up from school - Me can't wait to see C!

C had to take a family picture in to school on Wednesday. I asked him after school what they had to do with the pictures.

C: We had to talk into a microphone.
Me: How cool is that? What did you say?
C: I told them that daddy was a baseball coach. And that he is a professional baseball player.
P: Wow!
Me: What did you tell them about me?
C: I told them that you don't have any work and that you used to work in a bank. And guess what? That makes 5 mommies - 4 plus you is 5 that work in a bank!

This made us laugh so hard. The week before, we went to the bank and he deposited his piggy bank money into his own savings account. We were looking at the vault and I was explaining what it was. I told him that I had been in a vault, that when I was an auditor, in my early staff days, I had some banks as clients and I had to go into the vault and count some of the money. I've never actually worked at a bank.

Speaking of not having any work, my teaching aerobics at the university went great. I lectured this week and we'll start working out in another week. The girls in my classes seem great - very excited and fun. Turns out I like to lecture. Who knew? Maybe I won't be out of work for long.


shelley said...

I've been wondering what Ellie will say I do for work. She'll probably say "my mommy shops and types on the computer!" I'm so glad C is loving kindergarten. So far so good for us too. When I woke up Ellie for school this morning, she was so beautiful. I almost cried thinking about how I used to watch that same face sleep, in that same room, when she was just a baby.

Alana said...

So glad Connor is loving it! I know he'll do great.

Can't wait to talk with you more about it all!

Janelle said...

Too fun! You have many, many good days ahead of you. Glad to know he is handling it well.

dawn said...

What a sweet prayer. Gave me tears thinking of my boys at school safe in God's loving arms.