Monday, September 17, 2007

Loving Every Minute of It

September 17th - really??? Where have I been for blogworld in the last twenty-odd days? Well, probably...

taking C to school - making lunches - taking R to preschool - sorting through all the paperwork in the backpack - finding show and tell items at the eleventh hour because we changed our mind - soccer pictures - haircuts for the boys - cooking dinner - taking R to musicplay class - soccer practice - helping C's teacher - fieldtrips - driving to swim lessons - soccer games - lunch at school with C - memorizing aerobic routines

Whew! On Friday evenings, I collapse and think, what an incredibly busy week. I've been hanging on for the ride. Good thing there isn't that much on the schedule for next week. Ha. Ha. Ha. It is amazing that every week fills up so quickly. I remember my Mom telling me when the boys were babies that once they reach school, the time truly flies by. I am beginning to understand. Before I know it, it will be Christmas, then summer, then I'll be sitting at a high school baseball game cheering on my boys wondering how on earth I got there.

I must say that as busy as it is, I LOVE it. When I remember back to the dreams I had as a girl about what my life would be like when I grew up, this is exactly what I dreamed of. Of course, I thought I'd be living in a suburb of a large city with Target, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, etc at my convenience, but that is stating the obvious. I have a wonderful husband who provides for my family, loves us so much and loves the time he spends with us. I love the privilege I have of staying at home with my family, being able to help out at school and be present and involved in the lives of my children. I am truly blessed beyond measure.

I just hope that I have the energy to enjoy all of it.

PS - Since I am a non-commenter, this is a shout out for some of you. Janelle - I am right there with you - hence the infrequency of posting. Alana - the multitude of paperwork in kindergarten - oh my goodness! I, too, am paralyzed by it. I am creating a 3-ring binder of C's work. Jen - I will never, ever forget Janelle's comment at C's birthday party! That memory is etched in our brains forever! The local magazine just ran an article on C's bug birthday party - I will try to remember to send you a copy - there are great pics of all your big kids. You all know that we would absolutely love if you came again. Can we coordinate our crazy schedules and plan a big kid and mommy sleepover? Love you all! And to Big Mama - I have to agree about the 7 for All Mankind jeans - my favorite pair EVER. Unfortunately, I wore a hole in the right knee. I am on the hunt for a replacement pair, although I have heard from a dear friend that Rock and Republic jeans are also great. Jennifer - love that Campbell is doing so well in soccer - maybe we'll play at adjacent fields some Saturday - would love to see you grab Warner running down the field - much like me grabbing R last year. How did Ace Hardware's team get such a great sponsor? Sports bags for the whole team? I am so jealous!


Alana said...


Well, I feel so much better that I'm updated a little on you, but SERIOUSLY we have to get on the phone and soon!

Would love to do the sleepover again. Was just thinking we need to plan a trip to see you guys again. It is that time of year!

How cool about the party...have to see that.

Feel the exact same way about life right now. CRAZY!

Love ya!


Janelle said...

I miss you, girl!

Let's talk real soon...

I agree, this is the life I have always dreamed of...can't believe I get to be a wife and mommy!

Love hearing about your life.

JP's MOM said...

Miss You!

JP keeps the photo of the 4 boys from that sleepover on his is his favorite!

We totally should plan another mom and big boy was too too fun!

So glad to hear everything is going well.